Friday, February 4, 2011


Dear G-d, I praise Your Holy Name for Your Kindness is everlasting/ hodu l'hashem kitov, ki l'olam hasdo
I love being Jewish.

I love being Black.

I love being a woman.

Thank you, Hashem!!

And while I'm at it, thank you for the construction worker who, upon seeing my nervousness at his electrical chain saw on the ground, quick went and picked it up so I could pass with my kids.

And thank you for the bagger (normally, in Israel, people do their own bagging at the supermarkets) who bagged my stuff and brought it into the taxi for me.

And thank you for the kind clerk at the supermarket who was so modest, he hardly raised his head.

And thank you for the taxi driver who- even though he had a passenger already- didn't mind stopping for me and little Avi and all our groceries.

(And thank you for that patient passenger too!)

Thank you for the rain!!

Thank you!!!

And please have mercy on my friend and bless her with a refua shelayma/complete recovery from her illness, Refua l'kol! Amen.

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