Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fun at the Shuk

I met a nice lady on Facebook. She was really nice and had decided to come to Israel to live. She came by us for about two weeks until she could get settled.  One of those days, we decided to go to the shuk together. The shuk is a location where many vendors put up tents and sell their wares. You can find vegetables, fruits, clothing, kitchen utensils, carpets, whatever there.

The really fun part is that just before the shuk closes, many vendors just either give away some fruits and vegetables or sell them at a really low prices because they don't want to carry them back --especially if they are almost going bad.

So, we waited til it was just before closing and headed there.  What fun to see so many people, all hues, all ages, Jews, Arabs, everyone was there shopping and selling.  It was also interesting to see this threesome of Ethiopian boys of about 11 or 10 years old -- somehow they always managed to be in the way and trucks had to honk at them or vendors shout at them- and off they went running to a different location in the shuk.  We went to one vendor where there were two young arab guys -about 19 years old working there. One was sitting on the ground cutting fennel with a knife.

We came up to the young man and asked him if we could take the produce that's on the ground for free. He gave me a strange look and waved the knife at me saying "Hoova!"

We walked away thinking maybe he was hurling insults at us for being so bold as to ask for something for free.

Then we saw some other vendors and did the same thing, they said "yes!"

That was fun and funny. Fun because we were getting something for free; funny because I had never got down and picked food off the ground. where was my dignity??!! lol! Nevermind, it was free!!

Only later on, when I asked someone who knew Arabic, what "hoova" means, they told me it meant, "take"  Oh man. I coulda had more free stuff.

Fun day anyway!

While I'm waiting to read Shek Anta Diop's book on Civilization (sister is reading it at the moment)...

I get so obsessed with things. I just sort of get locked on it until ---I don't know.

So right now, my big obsessions are:

Listening to Nigeria's Babatunde's drum music. Can't get enough of it. I just play it over and over and over.  I suppose I'll keep playing it over until I can figure out what I like about it and what I want from it.

also like Mamady Keita's from ? Guinea drum music.

and finally, Oliver Mtukudzi from Zimbabwe.

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