Monday, February 28, 2011

Former Muslim and his Thoughts

I wonder how do religious Jews feel when a see videos like this? Religious Jewish life has alot more in common with the religious Muslims than it does the Christians and the seculars -especially those Christians and seculars in the west.

Although they are constantly accused of this, when Jews enter a host country, there is no attempt at taking it over.  The only land any religious Jew would want is the Land of Israel. Everything else is just seen as a partial example of the real prototype -which is Israel.

Now the secular Jews who are no longer feeling that they are bound by the Torah,  I suppose I can't speak for them because I have no idea what's on their agenda.  My guess would be to assimilate and thus the goal and values that the people of that host country holds will be their goals and values. If its money, then its money; if its honor, then honor will be pursued, etc.

So I feel like its a bit disengenuous for people to look at a successful Jewish business man and sneer at him for pursuing riches -even as most people from that country are probably doing the same -just not so successful maybe. And how come they are so successful?

I don't know.  I do know this.  when I left my parents home. I was so glad to have my freedom, so glad to be away from abuse, so enjoying each and every new day; I wasn't interested in clubbing for clubbing's sake. My intent was to assimilate into my new society.  If I went to a bar, it was only because I wanted to do what everyone else was doing at my workplace. Thus, I saw the "act of clubbing" very differently than a co-worker who probably got on her best clubbing outfit and was looking for a new boyfriend at the club or looking to get really drunk or whatever people seek in clubs. I was more serious minded and aware of my surroundings and the psychology going on, etc.  Its like I was studying a science so that I could perform successfully when I needed to.

Anyway, some thoughts from this video.

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