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Flashback Post: The Crown

Certain topics are hard to get out of my head. One concern is the issue of slavery that is still going on in places like Sudan. Why are Africans seen as slaves? Why do some AA have to struggle with the gravedigger stigma? What can I do about it?

Well, attempting some Jewish aiki-jujitsu on the topic (lol!)I am reminded that mankind began in Africa. The beginning. The foundation which means Yesod in Hebrew. This term or concept is flanked to the left and to the right by other concepts that must come into play in order for the foundation/Yesod to function properly. There are two "birds" that should be around making a home in order for the nest (foundation) to be complete. A sceptor and a sword is needed for the king's kingdom. Netzach and Hod. However way you can hear this.

Take a slave and a king, strip them of their dignity and their ability to reinforce any law they put down and you get: the slave remains a slave and the king becomes a slave. The difference between the two is the dignity and the ability to reinforce the law they put down.

To me, that explains why there is a constant back and forth between hearing BF being called "slave" vs them calling themselves or each other "kings and queens". And how shall the kings and queens resume their majestic roles? Personally, I think the world depends on it but I digress.


Firstly, it is important to note that this is not relative. This is not "in relation to another race" nor does it effect any others except for how they will view BW (or BF for that matter). This isn't about powering over anyone. Its about self empowerment. Self confidence. Truth. Godliness.

True Good is good all around.

So how does one regain one's honor? You forget about it.

"He who runs away from honor, honor chases after him."

Instead, focus on the two birdies...


There is no place for laziness here. That has got to be chased away. Netzach is about being all over a concept, a topic, or a subject. Learning it from the ground up. Viewing it with different lenses until it is completely understood. Sleep it, eat it, drink it. Make it your new best friend.

I think BF and Jews are alot in common. But luckily for the Jews, there was the Torah to focus on in order to not be tainted by all the negativity that is looking for any opening to seep in and wreak havoc in a people.

So too, BF individually ought to have a main focus.

There is much talk about how BF are way too emotional, etc. Okay, it has its values, but whatever. In order to not invest too much emotions in the wrong avenues -and if there is so much emotions to go around-- so I say rechannel it. Channel it towards whatever wisdom you want to acquire.

Knowledge is something stored in the head.

The Arse!

Why is it that when some people talk they make reference to..**ahem** the arse? As if its a separate entity.

"Git your big a**** over here!!!"


Is it a mere play on words? More not-so-subtle derogatory name calling?

Like I have said many times, I have a suspicion that BF represents the Yesod of Man -the ultimate man that encompasses all of mankind. Yesod is represented by the groin area in kabbalah. So, why don't folks refer to other folks by the front side? Why only the backside?

1) That would be way vulgar!

2) When God does not show favor to someone, it is said His Face is turned away. The Backside is shown.

The backside represents no grace, and no favors. Strict, exacting judgment is at hand. And kindness is nowhere to be found it seems. We, created in His Holy Image, if we see in others...a....backside, to the point of referring to one another as backsides, what "image of God" is our spiritual eyes seeing in each other? What image are we invoking in others?

The Backside.

Is that what we want? Yes, its colorful and funny, but is that what we want?

I submit that we find more encouraging references for each other. By filling ourselves (foundation/Yesod/groin area) with wisdoms and knowledge, we are in effect creating a whole being -an upright Man- rather than scattered parts of a person -some arse without a head or the rest of a body. Its almost as if there would be no need to divide between the upper part of the body and the lower part -both parts would have a bit of holiness.

Spiritually speaking, this makes me think of knowledge vs faith. As much as we are able to, we ought to apply science and math and history to understand the world, to understand God. Where we find borders (keter) -that is, areas that we just can't understand due to the limits of the science and math that we possess that day-- then, we rely on faith. But faith should not be a dirty thing. Nor should knowledge be viewed as an uppity thing. Somehow the two must come together in a round about swirl, one feeding the other, until slowly slowly that whole spirals of knowledge, faith, knowledge, faith leads us to know God, godliness, more completeness.


Hod represents humility, empathy, splendor. This side is about taking something and bringing a little umpf! into it. Like Michael Jordan did to basketball. Like Patricia Bath did to cataract removal operations. Or Norbert Rillieux and his invention of evaporators for refined sugars.

I don't think there is a big issue in the splendor department, but I DO think humility can be rectified.

Humility is not about walking with one's head down in shame. Its not even about downplaying one's abilities. Its about KNOWING one's ability and acknowledging that it is a gift from God (so there is no purpose to getting a big head about it nor looking down at another for not having the same gift) and it come with a function (that you have to figure out lol).

In Jewish teachings, Moses was the humblest man. With God's help, he took the Jewish people out of the 49th level of impurity, he yanked them right out of another nation that was happily enslaving them. He was a savior! Yet he was humble. According to the Bible, Miriam and Aaron spoke out against him, and yet he remained silent. According to the Oral Tradition, Moses's praises was sung in heavens, and again, he was silent. Neither one effected him -neither insult or praise went to his head. **sigh** I only wish I could do better...

But this is an ideal to come as close to as possible.

Empathy can also take us a long way. True we want to avoid pity parties, but a face of flint is not always called for either. At some point, "everyone needs a hand to hold onto.." as the song goes. Balance.


We have our own issues. Our own internal battles, our own external battles. It does not do us any good to keep investing ourselves in things that do not really help us grow, or that we have to pretend like we care about just to fit in somewhere. Once we stop looking to the right and to the left, and start looking straight at our true goals and ambitions and love suddenly our two tweeting birds will come to carry us to our throne. Cultivate these birds. Their strength is what will carry us to success!

Praise God.

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