Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Eternal Victim

There are many ways to express different types of joy.  Gila, Rina, ditza, hedva, sasson and simcha. They each have different attributes.  For example, rina means a great outburst of joy. Like when someone jumps up and says "hallelukah!!!" upon hearing some good news.

Hedva is an interesting type of joy. Its a very subtle the type of joy one gets in the midst of pain.  Like when someone is suffereing, but they know something good will come of it, like childbirth.  I wonder if people singing the blues tap into that hedva of their pain.  Even intercourse can sometimes be painful and joyful....

That reminds me of Rob Base's song "Joy and Pain"

For people who are connected to yesod, i think its very easy to find this hedva joy in life sufferings.  Its like being in a state of climax--and they may not want to come out of that!

And so the eternal victim is created.  Don't take away her sorrows, its her joy.  But logically, she can't say that she revels in her pain out loud; so instead she moans and complains and even shouts crying bitter tears, but just don't pull her away from her love, her joy, her hedva.

I wonder if its a perversion to want to stay in this constant state of climax? I wonder if she knew that other forms of joy --of pleasures- existed, would she want to stay in that constant state of victimhood?

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