Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Wine of Joy

excerpt from Likutey Moharan lesson 41:

It is brought in Etz Chaim (A kabbalistic book) The knees-i,.e. the legs- are Netzach and Hod.  They are also the heels. And Eikev (heel) has the same numerical value as twice ELo(K)IM, which are judgements because the external forces have a hold there, as is known.

Now the method for chasing away the external forces from there is to draw the gevurot (severities) from the root of Binah into the knees.  For when one draws the root of the gevurot from Bina, the external forces then flee from there.  He can then take the rights of the first born and the blessings, which are the aspect of BiRKayim (knees).  And the root of the rights is called wine as is known this is the wine of joy.

(me talking here: What a wine of joy!! I could get 9 measures of drunkeness from that!! lol)

...Thus it is that by dancing-- when he drinks the wine of joy, which is the root of the gevurot in Binah, and they are drawn and revealed below within the legs, namely, he dances -- he thereby expels the external forces from there.  This is the excitement in dance, an aspect of "an offering by fire, apleasing fragrance to G-d" (numbers 28:8).

(Only a tzaddik, a holy person, can see the goodness in all of G-d's creation.).

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