Sunday, January 16, 2011

Random Stuff: My Strange Relationship with Birds

I have a very interesting history with birds. Going in a descending chronological order of events (and from the least bizzare to the very bizzare) here is a list of happenings:

I love hearing these two hummingbirds? at my window every morning.  They are these two tinsy little birds. I think they are hummingbirds.  And they make the cutest cash register sounds, "cha-ching! cha-ching!" I never heard such a thing before!

Once while walking in the rose garden in Jerusalem. There were a bunch of big black birds (crows?) meandering in the park. some walking, some flying.  I ignored them and continue in my own thoughtful meanderings when suddenly swooosh!!! one of those birds zoomed past me and whacked me upside my head! How rare is that?

Many, many years ago, after I had left my parents house and also finally got away from Mr. Perpetrator. I was going to my car. I got in. Sat down. And lo and behold, right on my windshield was a bird.  I looked at it; it was looking at me seemingly straight in my eye.  So, I turned on my windshield wiper to scare it away. Do you know that bird just stepped over the windshield wiper everytime it passed?! I didn't leave! I thought that was pretty amazing.

Many, many more years ago, while I was being bludgeoned by my local Mr. Perpetrator.  I remember how I used to tune my ears to hear the happy kids playing outside or the birds chirping in the trees. I used to wish so badly that I was one of those carefree birds perched on a tree, free and happy.

Well, one day, I wished it so hard the next thing I knew I was actually looking at branches and leaves.  I looked downwards and I saw my brother walking up the street coming home. I also saw the roof of my house.  For a moment I thought, "wait a second...this can't be!!!"

Suddenly, I was me again. Mr. Perp was droning on and on with his usual long line of insults he usually strings together just for me.  Then the doorbell rang.  My brother came home.

Now, I am not saying I turned into a bird! it was a very strange experience that happened when I was a child that stayed with me still waiting to be explained. Probably the power of the mind is what I would reduce it to...except not sure how seeing the brother happened and some seconds later he rang the door bell.

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