Sunday, January 30, 2011

Only Girl in the World

After all the hype and talk about the singer Rihanna (about her getting beat up by her boyfriend, and getting back together with him, and whatever else she's done), I finally decided to go over to youtube and see who she is.

Wow! What a video. The song called "Only Girl in the World" was really nice (to me, anyway). Not something I'd show my husband LOLOL!!! But definitely to my girls.  Let me just count all the stuff I liked about it...

(1) I liked her carefree ways. Throwing her arms so wide apart as if uninhibited.

(2) I liked the balloons in the sky. So not the typical ghetto scene.

(3) I liked the flowers all around her. Fun!

(4) I was tickled by that tree with dresses hanging on it. What a nice closet -nevermind chopping down the tree and making a closet, bypass all the woodwork and just hang the clothes right on it. Ha ha! That was cute.

(5) Appearance-wise she looked a little like Whitney Houston. I need to check if there's any relation there.

(6) I liked the lyrics --the parts that I could understand.
okay, I thought the red wig was strange.

it was altogether pretty interesting and fun to watch.

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