Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mazal tov TO YOU!!

I'm brimming with good news today. Some I can't share yet. Some I can. I am working on book #2 of the Lemonheads series. But a while back the files went missing, the drawings the storyline, everything. It was a real bummer. Kicking myself for days wondering why I am so disorganized. But then thank G-d, just today, Mr. Blackfirewhitefire just decided to stop at a convenient store (makolet) --one that we rarely go to. And there they were. The disk, the pictures, everything. The makolet man just handed him this saying he had forgotten it there. So thank you, Hashem!!!

Also, a new Carlebach synagogue is opening up near me. For so long, I longed for a synagogue within reasonable distance that I could go to that the kids would learn all the traditional songs. Here is the chance.

There is more but slowly slowly they will be revealed.

There is a tradition, that when someone has good coming to them, they wish people around them a big "mazal tov" --a "good flow" that the influx of goodness should flow onto them as well. So, I'm wishing you all a big MAZAL TOV!!

With much gratitude to Hashem.

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