Monday, January 17, 2011

Just for Fun

I really like this video. The more I know about music and dance, the more I'm slightly wary of choreographed dancing -even though I still enjoy them- and prefer music and dance not taken out of context.

For example, I wished I would have been able to see flamenco in its birthed days in the back streets of Spain. According to what I've read of flamenco history, it was created by the lower class who were frustrated with their conditions and needed an outlet. I'm cutting the history short here.

But also when I see these choreographed flamenco dancing or choreographed African dancing in some studio, its like the power and the meaning is gone. It turns into a series of eye catching movements and that's it. Some would even do the flamenco dance with a big grin rather than the look of defiance; or some would do the various movements of various african dances all patched together into some new thing with no meaning.

Also, I feel its bad enough I am watching from a chair watching a video of the real dance. Watching a choreographed music video makes me feel like I'm an observer watching an observer coached by a dance instructor who herself is an observer who watched some one actually living their lives-- I feel like i'm in a fantasy land so far removed from real life! I'd sure like to be participating in my own -my own- dance, but I haven't figured out my moves yet. I'm betting its some sort of mixture between African/Haitian dancing and the Jewish dances.

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