Sunday, January 9, 2011

Israel, The Good Enemy

Israel, The Good Enemy

Good read. I think most people already know this though. They just don't care.



Anonymous said...

Well I guess it depends on which people you are referring to.Most Arabs know this,but this only inflames their hatred more.

Most Americans probably don't have any idea because they rely on the news agencies for their information and they only paint one side of Israel.

I enjoyed that the article was written by an Arab,but too bad for Israeli public relations,it won't be disseminated to a wide audience.

Miriam said...

You know, you are probably right about most ppl.

When I first started this blog, people would come ever so sweetly (at first) and ask if they could just ask me a few "questions".

We'd go to email and turns out it was just a ploy to regirgitate all the bad news about Israel they were fed. No attempt to see any other side. But no matter what I told them, they refused to consider a thing.

Most just aren't out to understand. I think they really don't care for anything complex. They want the talking heads to tell them what to think, then they have their "opinions" set and a stance. Truth seeking is so rare.