Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flashback Post: Tzitzit and Hair

I thought this was an interesting parallel:

In the Jewish tradition, there are these fringes or bundles of strings that men wear on the four corners of their garment. These are called tzitzit. They consist of bundles of strings tied, knotted, and twisted in a pattern and then the rest sort of dangles down.

(I love when my husband wears his outside rather than tucking them inside. He also wears techeilus -the blue string)

In Hebrew, tzitzit is spelled: צִיצִת

Anyway, in Ezekiel 8,3 we find:

...and I was taken by a lock of my head...

The Hebrew version says: ...and I was taken by בְּצִיצִת of my head.."

Here, tzitzit is synonymous to hair. Thank you Likutey Moharan II for pointing that out.

I just thought it was interesting that tzitzit is used in reference to hair because its hair that we tend to put in knots, twists, etc. Now, I know that back in the time of the Songhai Empire around the 1400s, according to Ehav from Hochma and Mussar, there was a Jewish presence in Africa. (Also, I find it quite impossible that -as folks would have people believing- that there was no Jewish influence in the continent of Africa, especially subsahara Africa). Well, isn't it interesting that if these influence were removed, banned or whatever, that maybe, just maybe the people found a way to "maintain" by substituting the knots and twists onto the hair!

I can dream, can't I? lol

And here is a link from Ehav Ever about the Jews of Bilad al-Sudan

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