Monday, December 7, 2009

Eminent War?

Its hard to think about much else when there is potential war on the horizon.

Iran is set to have nuclear weapons. The world is waiting for Israel (even as they write up their accusations against them in case they win the war with Iran, lol) to strike. We almost have to because it's our own rear end that's at stake.

I just don't get it. People will hate Israel no matter what so why are we so afraid to do what we must?

May the holy merit of all our tzaddikim of all the generations protect us. May God stretch out his hand and protect his holy children. Holy, Holy, Holy, is our God, Master of Legions.

I guess that's why its so hard to really think of light topics these days. I need to buy some survival things. There is a date floating around as to when the war will happen but its all rumors.


Well some nice news: Israel scientists created beating heart cells from skin cells. Here's the Hearty story!

And........ this weekend is Hanukka!!!!! Yay!

Hanukka: the time when the Jews fought the Greeks (as well as the Helenists -reform, apologists Jews who sided with the Greeks). When the fight, which was led by the Maccabees brothers, a family of Cohens (priests), was won, they searched the Temple for some oil to light the menorah. They found a small flask of oil but that oil miraculously burned for eight days! To commemorate all that has occured, we light our own menorahs.


We put the menorahs down low. Practically on the ground. Why? To pull -so to speak- the Shechina that she should reach even the lowest of us all and help lift us up.

....okay, we also eat doughnuts, sufganiots, fry latkes (hash browns?)....whatever that uses LOTS of oil! lol!

Here's a pic of a sufganiot -its a doughnut without the hole:

Ah! what can I do? I must spread JOY and not fear. Give HOPE. There is no despair in the world.

na nakh nakhma m'uman! (in the video you see the story book of Rebbe Nachman in Hebrew)


Arnetta Green said...

Wow, now I know the story of Hanukkah. Very interesting. And those donuts look mighty tasty! I'm praying for you and your family.

Miriam said...

Thanks, Arnetta.

I don't want to give in to fear, but to think of war as a real possibility does something to my nerves.