Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jewish Year & What Does It Mean for the BC?

Yep, there I go again super-imposing the BC into Jewish affairs. lol. Truly, I do it because I don't think its "wrong" just a different interpretation of the times.

Anyway, the Jewish year currently is 5768. That means we are at the cusp of a change. 5770 would be that change. Every tens, hundreds, thousands, etc is supposed to symbolizes a radically different change.

It seems to me that Barack is at the verge of clinching the Democratic vote. Barack in Hebrew means lightening. Lightening usually comes before thunder. Thunder, according to Breslov, corresponds to intense prayer. Its as if there is an atmospheric "insert prayer here" arrow pointing at this time for everyone. So, get your prayers on!

Clap and make thunder!

More later.

(correction: the current Jewish New Year should read 5768 and NOT 5758. It has been corrected in the post)


Felicity said...

Thanks for that Miriam, no longer Barack (or Lightening) Obama has really caused such a strike even Biliary can't come to terms with it. I am so pleased! Lightening Obama has certainly created history, he has raised the highest amount of money for his campaign etc, beating Biliary and John McCain, there has been highest amount of voter turnout in history. Apart from him being the first mixed race African American man have the nomination. 80,000.00 people turned up to hear his speech about three weeks ago. He has the favour of God on him. To be honest, this year is just going to be absolutely fantastic!

The First Domino said...

Miriam: "Yep, there I go again super-imposing the BC into Jewish affairs. lol."

It's all one. We're all humans going about the affairs of humanity.

Thanks for sharing the meaning of Barack in Hebrew. I've never thought to check out his name.

If the Jewish year is currently 5758, and the American Presidential inauguration takes place in January of 5759, it means that the first real year of his presidency will began right on time--5760.

It's going to take a full year for him to get up to speed (provided he is the president-elect) and take the reins from the previous president.

My statement below is what I posted elsewhere when I learned that Obama's win in the Montana primary and strong showing in the South Dakota primary, along with pledged superdelegates took him over the top, and made him this nation's first African American to be elected to represent a major political party in a presidential race.

Not that anyone took notice: people like for things to sneak up on them--it keeps everyone in suspense, and makes things mysterious.

This night holds more significance than you know:

The energy, mass consciousness matrix has just shifted.

What was below the surface has just surfaced, manifesting itself so that all may see.

What does this mean? This country will never be the same again.

What is seen, can never be unseen.

By the Democrats electing Obama as its nominee, this country and humankind have just jumped another hurdle, crossed a major threshold.

The matrix has shifted to such an extent that it will have world-wide reverberations.

If he makes it to the presidency--all to the good--the reverberations will continue, but it will not be so critical for the human race as this watershed moment.

Some of you out there know what I'm saying at the acknowledgment level. Others will feel it without acknowledging it. Yet, others will not acknowledge it all.

An addendum: with a woman coming as close as Hillary did to becoming the next Democratic nominee has also impacted the collective consciousness energy matrix.

It was no accident that race and gender surfaced at this time.

It heralded a shift in the collective mindset.

Our country and indeed the world has shifted dramatically.

This energy was there, and it hasn't been there that long. A mere ten years ago, this would have been unthinkable.

What we're seeing is an unprecedented, evolutionary acceleration toward a consciousness shift that will force even the slackers to quicken their pace.

So I'm all for Lightening and Thunder. Prayer for humankind to find peace and oneness is ongoing in our world (I think we're beginning now to see some of the fruit of it.).

As the lightning flash signals the thunder to follow (although they both occur at the same time), so too the lightning flash signals an opening of the hearts of men and women to the transformative power of Spirit, so that they may receive the tender, blessed rains from above.

As an American citizen as well as an Israeli citizen are you still able to vote in our national elections.

Curious minds would like to know.

Kylopod said...

Barack is actually the Arabic cognate of Bracha, "blessing." (The equivalent Hebrew name is Baruch, "blessed.")

I think it's a great idea to use Jewish teachings to reflect on the black community. There's a lot of insight to be gained by finding connections between that most people don't think to relate.

Miriam said...

Felicity - I sure hope for a fantastic year!

Hey! I can see your pic now!!! (HUGS)

Domino - Agreed! Its definitely a big change whether the media admits it or not, or whether acknowledge it or not.

True, that its no coincidence about gender and race coming to the surface.

I think I can, however, I am embarrassed to admit that I didn't request the absentee ballot to do so. Perhaps its not too late.

Kylopod - Thank you for the lesson! More to think about for me.

Let's see: Barack, the Hebrew for lightening has the root letters: Beit * Reish* and Koof.

And for blessing the Hebrew root letters are: Beit * Reish * and Chaf.

But in Arabic the word Barack means Bracha/ Blessing. Very interesting.

I am enjoying this!

Casper said...


Ok first off, I would never presume to even guess who the Lord has favour on.

Barack Obama is a SOCIALIST. It is point blank. Every single plank to the communist manifesto is contrary to the Lords written word. Barack Obama supports EVERY SINGLE PLANK.

McCain is just as guilty of supporting socialist ideals, so let me cut that off at the head. I am NOT a supporter of McCain either.

Just as I find it appauling that Veterans will blindly support McCain (I am a Veteran) I also find it equally disturbing that people support him because of his ethnic heritage.

Just so that there are no misconceptions I am not opposed at all of a president being of another race, beit black, hispanic, hindu, asian, etc. I want my president to have concervative values.

You say that there maybe radical change in 5760, You never said whether that change is good or bad... just something to chew on.

Miriam said...


That's just it. I don't know if it will be good or bad. All I can say is let's pray and do what we can.

I certainly hope for the best, as Felicity said.

Casper said...

I do pray, and I pray alot.

I even pray for people I meet on the internet, I am dork I know.

Tania said...

Lightening huh? very appropo (sp?).

Miriam said...

Casper - endearing, yes! Dork, no!!!

Tania - Yep. Let's see how this all strikes er- unfolds lol.

Kylopod said...

The Orthodox Jewish blogger who calls himself Barak is a strong Obama supporter. I told him he should make his slogan "Barak for Barack."

I didn't think you were implying an etymological connection between the Hebrew Barak and the Arabic Barack. It's more like in the days of the Soviet Union when we used to point out that Russia sounds like the Hebrew word for an evil person--even though we knew perfectly well the words are not related. In Judaism, nothing is a coincidence.

Hebrew and Arabic are so closely related, however, that a lot of their words are related. It's just a matter of figuring out the sound shifts. I learned several examples from my brother's mother-in-law, who comes from Egypt. The Arabic lahm means "meat," and I assume it's the cognate of the Hebrew lechem, "bread."

When Jews greet each other, the first says "shalom aleichem" (peace be unto you) and the other responds "aleichem shalom" (unto you be peace). Muslims do pretty much the same thing with the Arabic expression "assalamu aleikum." I asked S. (the blogger) about this. Where did this phrase originate? Did the Muslims get it from the Jews, or vice versa, or did both get it from some third source? S. looked into the matter and found that the practice is pretty ancient. It is mentioned in the Talmud, and possibly hinted at in the New Testament. We suspect it is of Aramaic origin.

Another example is the Arabic word kitab, "book," which has passed into several other languages used by Muslims, like Turkish. It is clearly related to the Hebrew verb katav, "to write," although the Hebrew word for book is sefer, which comes from a verb that means "to tell a story."

I know from studying Talmud that making headway of similar Hebrew and Aramaic words can also be tricky. The Hebrew shachach means "to forget"; in Aramaic it means "to find." The Hebrew negative particle ain means "yes" in Aramaic. The Talmud even relates a funny story about the misunderstandings that can result between Hebrew and Aramaic speakers, when a Babylonian man married a woman in Palestine. One day he asked her for two botzinei (young pumpkins), but instead she brought him two candles. In exasperation, he told her to go break the candles on the baba (door). She went and broke them on the head of a man sitting nearby named Baba Ben Buta. said...

Shalom aleichem, Miriam!

I just learned that from Kylopod! (smiles) I am not even pretending to be fluent!

Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself with all of us! We love it!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Miriam said...

Kylopod - Thanks. I wish I knew Arabic. I only know the typical words that filtered into Hebrew like:

sababa! = sweet

yalla = something like "let's go!" or "let's do it!"

and the expression "oowaa!" but I can't do the "ayin" correctly.

Lisa - Aleichem Shalom! And thanks so much for stopping by.

Kylopod said...

In Hebrew, miken (McCain) means "to mechanize."

Miriam said...

Kylopod - You have no idea, I have been trying to figure how to squeeze mcCain's name into some Hebrew word that I knew. The "mc" in the front was throwing me off.


Kylopod said...

The trouble is that the examples aren't parallel. We went for Obama's first name but McCain's last name. John is already a Hebrew name (Yochanan, "God is gracious"), so that's no fun. I suppose you could stretch things a bit by pointing out that in Modern Hebrew it's spelled like Gaven, "color." Now your turn to work on the name Obama.

Miriam said...

Kylopod - Okay, at least I have until after Shabbat to answer that, yes? lol.