Thursday, February 21, 2008

When Africa Spoke to Me

Long long ago, I remember my parents always put on this Haitian radio program called "Radio Soleil". It was nice, news, etc. But what I really liked was in the evening they would switch into their "Caribbean voyage!" program which was all music music music.

There is where I learned to appreciate afro-pop music. From then I also started listening to afro-brazillian, African, Zap Mama (Brrlak -is still my favorite). But one interesting thing about the African music, was that there was always a message.

I remember swaying to a song, don't remember the song, but the lyrics was something like:

"Africa will never never never surrender....

(tell them!) though we're feelng the pain
Africa will never never never surrender.."

That song made me wonder, what were they struggling? Why is no one else talking about this struggle.

That was my first introduction to "Africa".


Soila. said...

LOL. Welcome to Africa Miriam!

Grata said...

Hey Miriam,

The struggle depends on which part and who the colonizers were. One of the lucky ones was Uganda. We were a protectorate and not a colony, thanks to the very shrewd Kings of Buganda and the fighters of Bunyoro Kingdom. Through trickery and long drawn out battles, they could not entrench themselves as deeply as they did in other parts of Africa. Independence was practically a walk over.

Other countries bore the brunt and still have not recovered.

Miriam said...

Hi Soila, Thanks!

Hi Grata, I really don't like talking about Africa in the vague sense of "Africa" but its scary to get specific.

The most I know is about Nigeria and the Ibos. After that, I've met some people from Uganda, but can't profess I really know much about that country.

Then comes the interesting Jewish history which I am interested in and try to learn from time to time about Mali and the Songhai empire and things like that.

Soila. said...

Kenya was a Colony and colonization there was was horrible. I watch the documentaries of what happened in the colonial era and it was very similar to slavery and apartheid.

Our independence came about with a hell lot of blood shed and struggle. It was plain nasty.

Miriam said...

@ Soila. Wow. So much resilience is needed. I pray kenya gets back in an orderly way.