Monday, February 4, 2008

Recognizing Past Victories

My favorite author (Miriam Adahan) always says one must pat one's self on the back for every victory! Yay, I flossed today! Yay, I did some dishes before going to bed! Yay, I didn't yell at the kids that one time! etc.

Well, I just realized another act of activism that I did and just wanted to pat myself on the back about. (And thank Gina from WAOD in the process, cuz she started me on this activist mode).

I while back I read a certain 'family' Jewish magazine. In that paper, there is a Junior edition complete with comic strip stories, etc. One of these stories had a black person in the storyline and boy did they draw him FUGLY!!! Typical sambo type character. Typical way too big mouth line, rest of the features not much cared about. Just wrong!

Why? Do they realize that they were, in effect, teaching their young "holy" little kids to dehumanize black people?

I wrote them a letter asking them How am I suppose to read this and show this to my kids, and their friends who are also Jewish and black. That was post #39. By Post 41 the picture was changed! Yay!!!!!

But, now they drew him with "normal" features. A typical line for the mouth, roundly nose, etc.

Why couldn't they do that before? SMH.

Must be vigilant.

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Tania said...

Yuck! I can't beleive people sometimes..Good for you for speaking up!