Friday, February 22, 2008

More Interesting Tidbits

In Hebrew, the word skin is Or. It is also the same word for light. The two words are spelled differently in Hebrew to show the difference between when Adam's skin was "aglow" before his sin and after. Its interesting to let the imagination run and think someone could have black light. What could it mean?

"A colorless light?"

Black usually mean the absence of color. A colorless light? The only thing I've ever read about about black light is from Wikipedia... black light is a type of Ultra violet ray (from the UVA region -not as harmful as other UV rays).

The ultraviolet radiation itself is invisible to the human eye, but illuminating certain materials with UV radiation prompts the visible effects of fluorescence and phosphorescence. Black light testing is commonly used to authenticate antiques and banknotes. It is extensively used in non-destructive testing; fluorescing fluids are applied to metal structures and illuminated with a black light. Cracks and other artifacts can easily be detected. It is also used to detect pet excreta for elimination, such as urine, vomit and other substances that are not always visible to the naked eye.

It is also used to illuminate pictures painted with fluorescent colors (preferably on black velvet to intensify the illusion of self-illumination). The fluorescence it prompts from certain textile fibers, especially those bearing optical brightener residue, is also used as a recreational effect (as seen for instance in the opening credits of the James Bond film A View to a Kill).

black lights are used to reveal

In forensic investigations, black lights are used to reveal the presence of trace evidence, such as blood, urine, semen and saliva, by causing visible fluorescence in these substances. The use of this technique by exposé style television news magazines for reporting on the various unsanitary and mysterious stains found in hotel rooms has become such an oft-repeated stunt that it has been lampooned on comedy shows such as Family Guy and The Office (US).

Thank you wikipedia.

King David.....of lowly beginnings

In Jewish Kabbalah, black light...or rather black fire (strength)usually means the letters and its shape on the page of the Torah (Genesis, exodus, Daniel, etc) especially in contrast to the white paper (kindness).

Interestingly, black is also associated with the "pupil of the eye".

It is also associated with King David. He was of a shady, lowly beginnings. Considered as nothing. But because he allowed himself to be that nothing, and only tried to do God's will -he arose to kingship.

Can anyone run with this?

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