Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Met a 4

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I have gone over the Type TWO personality trait. The one that can be mistaken for the "mammy". More about that can be found here and here. But this weekend, I met a seriously developed Type FOUR personality type. That's always an experience for me!

From sundown Friday til sundown Saturday, its the holy Sabbath (which is probably why my blog is at a standstill then) and we do no work. We relax with friends and family and have huge meals, lol. Its alot funner to have guest, so we invited a guy.

This guy had been involved in alot of meditation and alot of the Eastern religion. Type FOURS tend to usually have a mystical side to them. They are higly spiritual and very creative artists. On a down day, they can be morbidly pessimistic. They tend to can't stand the cruelty of the world -it effects them so much more than it does other people. You can read more about that from the Enneagram.

Anyway, this guy was a type FOUR who had purposefully developed his spiritual abilities through deep meditations and other things from the Eastern religions. It was such an experience to meet him! But he scared me.

It was exciting to meet him because I felt he validated alot of strange experiences that I've felt, but kept quiet about lest folks think I'm crazy. It was also great to meet him because he was so relaxed and at ease. But he scared me because, through him, I felt that there was a depth in me that I simply was too afraid to face and rather live life "on the surface."

Are people out there also afraid, as I am, of going 'too far' spiritually?


The Sephardi Safari said...

I don't know if I'm afraid so much of "going too far spiritually" as I am cynical about it.

I've known about the Enneagram for eons, thanks to my mother in law. I'm a solid five with a bit of four creeping in; thus I can be fascinated by the overly spiritual and the seemingly miraculous gifts of the mekubbalim...and at the same time dismiss most of it as so much hokum.

Fives with a four wing are the reason psychologists stay in business, I fear :)

Miriam said...

lol. my husband is a 5 with strong 4 and 6 wings.

Militant Diva said...

I could not understand your post more. As a religious scientist and one of these "mystics" of which you speak, I find that the more I study and practice the more I am faced with my potential. It can be terrifying. Inherent in the potential, I think, is a level of responsibility and ownership that can be overwhelming.

But it is a good thing!

So nice to have found your blog. :)t

diva said...

This is an interesting post. I am curious about the idea of 'going to far spiritually'. For me, it's the opposite. I mainly shut down any desire for spirituality for a long while but its only recently that I have attempted to reconsider questions about life, death, morality, or God at all. Mostly I only have these conversations with my spouse-though we grew up in two different faiths.

diva said...


Oh,and I'm a type 4.

Tania said...

Ya never know what you might find on the other, that's why I don't explore too much.

Miriam said...

Militant Diva -Welcome. You're a brave soul. I "fall" into these things once in a while. I am trying now to flex my muscles and see if I can hack it.

Diva - All my most closest friends are FOURS!

Tania - I don't blame you. I wish I could tell you stories!