Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ehav Has Done It Again...

A chilling post about life in Israel by Ehav.

I must say sometimes I just have no feelings.

I wonder if Ehav has ever heard a whole bus -full of people- explode. I remember as a kid, I used to laugh at the comic books when the wrote the word "kaboom". But now I know, unfortunately, it really does have the two syllabic sound. KABOOM!

I remember a while back, when the bus bombing was more rampant, how nervous i'd get if someone 'forgot' their bag on the bus. I didn't play. "Excuse me, bus driver but there's an unidentified object here, and now I want to get off. Never mind stopping the bus, just open the stupid door!"

Funny thing is, I know alot of muslims. I've worked with some when i worked at a hotel, I was friendly with a certain muslimah when I was at the hospital. She worked at the hospital and on her free time she'd come to visit me often and I sought her out. We had such a friendly rapport -but when my husband would show up- very Jewish looking: kippah, tzitzis dangling from his pants, etc- she would stiffen. I remember once I was released from the hospital, but my baby was still in the IC unit. I came to visit my baby and saw her. After chatting for a bit I left. On the way home, I heard the news of yet another suicide bomber. I felt like a traitor for having spoken to that lady then.

Often, at work, I would see Muslimah girls giggling and so playful. It hurts me to no end, that there is no peace. We are the two groups that have the MOST in common. I once worked at a hotel and the work was just too much for me. The young woman (23 yrs) that I was working with whispered, "just sit down, rest! No one will see." She knew I was Jewish. People say that in the end of times Jews and Muslims will be like brothers as they should be. I am waiting.

Its so hard to get peace. I am sure the Western world probably sees this whole thing very simplistically. What can I say, its very complicated.

Firstly, we are dealing with so many different factions (Hamas, PLO, etc etc) that even if Israel makes a treaty with one group, the other group will still continue to fight. Not to mention they are fighting each other.

Also, its not just a territorial fight, as most westerns think. Its deeper, with history going as far back as Abraham, Ishmael, and Isaac. Ain't no separation of church and state going on there, lol.

And, to add insult to injury, there are the old nemesis of the Jewish people who are out to stir things up and make matters worse. Yep, that also goes far far back to the times of Moses and the "mixed multitude".

Too many heavy topics. Let me just enjoy the DBR wars instead LOL.

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