Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Banished from my Home

Hey all,

I 've been banished from my home since my daughter has Chicken Pox. I've never had it before and so I am staying at my sisters until it all blows over. Its nice to be on my own again, but I sure miss my family...and my computer. Thank God for internet cafes.

Until then, take care!


Soila. said...

Hope your daughter gets well soon. I had chicken pox late. I was 16 and it was awful. I still have it's scars on my body.

The Sephardi Safari said...

Oy, refuah sheleymah.

I had it when I was six; my pediatrician prescribed oatmeal soap and a topical anesthetic, but I was not quarantined.

Miriam said...

Soila, Sephardi Safari,

Thanks. Hopefully it will end soon. like by the end of the week should be the end of the contageous period.

Los Angelista said...

Oh no! I had a horrible case when I was two and have scars on my forehead from it. They say it's worse when you're older though. :( Sorry you have to stay away!

Mes Deux Cents said...


I hope your daughter feels better soon.

Grata said...

That is terrible.

So what happens if you got it? Would that mean that you would not have to worry about getting it again?
I think I got it at 6 yrs of age, but it may have been something else.

Miriam said...


the problem is slightly more complicated than that, but I'm keeping this a bit hush -at least for now.

Normally, otherwise, I would just "man" it and take on the chicken pox and finish with it.

Soila. said...

One can only have chicken pox once in their life so if you already had it, you are home free!!!!