Tuesday, February 5, 2008


After a whole ugly ordeal (which I won't get into) I thought I got kicked out from a blog, but then after weeks of just feeling flabbergasted, I decided to actually ask, "why don't I have access anymore?" and here's the response I got back:

No, Miriam, I haven't "kicked you out." I would only exclude someone if their subscription has expired or due to some other violation. Your subscription expires on March 1, 2008. Whenever anyone has had a problem accessing the blog, it's always on their end-- their server or Windows Vista or something like that? Grant had a similar problem accessing the blog and I think Vista was the problem. You might want to check with him.


Miriam wrote:

I don't seem to have access to your blog. Was I kicked out?

So, evidently I didn't get "kicked out". My apologies to Evia for thinking that I did.


PioneerValleyWoman said...

I'm glad to hear you resolved that--somehow I thought you were referring to Halima's. I don't have any monitoring privileges on hers or on Evia's.

Miriam said...

hi PVW.

I just wish things were better between Halima, Evia and I.

Grata said...

"I just wish things were better between Halima, Evia and I".


Don't sweat it. Some relationships you can not do mch about.