Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Short Story; Taking stock

Mrs. Almoni lived her life as best she could. At every chance she did acts of kindness. Helped brides, visited the sick, raised her children with patience. Then one day, she passed away.

Mrs. Almoni arrived at the pearly gates and was ushered in. The big book of life was opened and an angel was reading all her merits. "Hmmmm," he said,"you've done quite well for yourself! Your acts of kindness and your smiles caused others to do acts of kindness and to spread a smile and a friendly word!"

"Mrs. Almoni," he continued, "why are you wrything your hands? Why do you look so worried?"

Mrs. Almoni replied, "but I didn't finish doing the dishes....and the laundry is still on the line..."

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Randi523 said...

Just like us, huh? LOL