Sunday, December 16, 2007

Comic Relief: Ebonics and the Bible

Hey dear readers! I just need to take a breather. I took a peek at Gina's WAOD's blog to read about such a sad story of yet another young, full of potential, black girl being violated and done away with.

I can't handle it. So, I have to post some silly light comic relief...

There are some parts of the Humash (Old testament Bible) that I just could not understand until I applied Ebonics to it.

One such part is :

"Yeshurun grew fat and kicked."

from (Devarim /Deuteronomy)

Yes, my teachers told me it meant Yeshurun became lazy in terms of serving God and did not strengthen himself to do His will, but became rebellious. But still, I wanted to not just understand, but to have the capability to understand why they saw that in that phrase. It took many months.

Until, one day just for playing, I read it with Ebonics in mind....

"Kickin it" I know that! That is like relaxing. okay I get it..

Yeshurun grew fat and was kickin' it!

Another interesting saying is "True dat!"

When someone says something that is so true, the listener says, "True dat!" as in, that is true. But in Hebrew, "da'at" means "knowledge". so it sort of makes sense!

LOL Some funny stuff.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

U are silly, they should let me rephrase the Bible id have a ball

Mes Deux Cents said...


That's funny.

Miriam said...

glad to bring you smiles!

Tania said...

Hahaha! maybe there should be an ebonics bible or at least passages.