Saturday, December 29, 2007

C-1 has got it goin ON!!

I just have to say how proud I am to C -1. The host of the blog White Men who Prefer Black Women. Firstly, because he knows who he is and what he likes. People try to ask him why. How can you answer why you like ice cream? coffee? You just do! Then, folks try to put in his head all the very same stereotype way of thinking that is detrimental for BF. But he's not havin any of it! Here's my note to C-1:

C -1,

I am literally awed! I want to just gush and gush. I am soo soo way proud of you. You are such a marriage prize!!!!! That last post, I nearly fell backwards off my chair in shear happiness!

I am so glad. GLAD, I tell ya, that you are not buying all that skin color mumbo jumbo. Whew weeeee! I can't describe it. If I could tap dance virtually, I would. And why are these folks trying to "teach" you to adopt the very system they are sulking about.

Good Lawdy, lawd haf mercy! You take care of yourself, C-1. Cuz you just good! but I mean good. LOLOL

I am very happy. CAn you tell. LOLOL


Liz said...

I will have to go check this out and see what he says. I'll email the link to my dad and see if he concurs. :)

Miriam said...

Hi Liz, Does your dad have a blog? If so, can I get the address? Thanks.

CW said...

I am glad he sees the situation for what it is & does not back down...BTW A Prosperous 2008 to you as well! : )


Anonymous said...

I like C-1 Myself. However, do you really feel that you need to tapdance and fall out of your chair just because he likes black women or he thinks the light skin/dark skin issue is crazy? A lot of men like black women. Not all men. But certainly enough for black women to have choices.

Grata said...


I am wondering what in particular excited you. I kind of got lost there.
I agree, C1 is very unique and remarkable.

Miriam said...

Anonymous & Grata,

If you see the amount of talk that goes on aimed at C-1, trying to get him to think in terms of light vs dark. Its just crazy.

Its like they are trying to convince him to think that way and then they'll promptly hate him for it (like they do BM who do the same).

I was just very proud of C-1 for being so solid and unswayed by these things.

I guess it was the bearing down pressure combined with his easy going answer (which meant : unphasedness) that made me relieved. It could have been a tapered answer trying to please both sides or something. But it wasn't. It was a definite solid unshoke answer.

I tell you, sometimes at C-1's blog I feel like I'm watching sports (C-1 vs these interesting BW -not all BW- who are carrying over their destructive ways into the IR arena) and I hope C-1 comes out on top.