Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Beating the Negative Thoughts

An Old Story...(details adapted by moi)

There was an old Torah scholar who always woke up before the sunrise to go and purify himself at the bathhouse and then learn from his books.

One morning before the sun arose, about the time when the old scholar was set to arise, *POOF!* the bad angel appeared (y'all know who that is). He was looking sharp in his suit and began to speak very convincingly and eloquently to the old sage.

"Behold! you have been doing this for so many years. Your wisdom surpasses most and you are teacher to hundreds! Surely, you deserve a break sometimes. Relax. Stay in bed for just a few more hours. Its okay!"

The old man thought about this for a moment. Then replied, "But I see you are still getting up early. Even earlier than I!" and with that, he got out of bed!

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