Sunday, December 9, 2007

African America vs Caribean vs African:Showdown

Showdown at the black OKay coral? lol! Nothing doing!

I think the whole premise may be WRONG.

There are many great things to be grateful for by each group. Africans have avoided a lot of the psychological oppression going on in America. African Americans are benefiting from being in a country rich in accessible resource and a stable superpower, Caribbeans are enjoying independence and self defining in a new land.

These things are there. All groups fight every day to keep and enhance their resources. If anything we should all be humbled with gratitude for where we are and make the best of it.

The minute pride sets its foot into the conversation, Godliness is gone. The arrogant and God can not dwell in the same place. And once that is gone, all H*** breaks loose ! lol And that's probably why a decent conversation about this topic can never be had.

Putting pride aside, does not mean having a broken and bent back and accepting nothing. True humility means realizing the faults that one has, but also KNOWING and understanding well the assets that one has!

Thus if this conversation must ever if ever be had, let us approach it with humility and a will to uplift the other one.

A short story...
There was once a man who had a family. He also had a farm and would gather wheat during the time of harvest, for his family. This man had a brother who was single. The brother also had a farm --a small one-- which he worked and harvested wheat as well.

One day, during harvest time, the man gathered his grains. Thinking about his brother he thought, perhaps the brother should have some extra grain. After all, he's all alone and could maybe use the money to buy better clothes, find a wife, etc etc. And so he decided that night to sneak some of his grains into the brother's lot.

Meanwhile, the brother, who had gathered his grain, thought about the man. He wondered, "but how can he feed his family with so little grain? Behold, I am alone and can do with little!" And with that, he decided that night to sneak some of his grains into his brother's lot.

Night. As each one tarried and carried their sacks of grain up the hill, they both met each other at the top of the hill. Realizing with the other had intended, they fell into each others arm, hugging in tears!

Jewish lore has it that this is where the Holy Temple was built. My friends, maybe an African has something, a Caribbean has something else, and an African American yet another thing. Let's us care for one another enough to forget about pride. Let us also build a "Holy Temple" with our love.

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Randi523 said...

I liked that story. I'm all for us coming together, using what we got, to get what we want. I'll quote my grandmother again: "We are ALL God's children."