Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Perfect YouTube....

I am still searching that perfect YouTube for my kids. I'd like to find one about teen or preteen black girls just laying about in their friends bedroom and chatting about some whatever. Then they all decide to do each other's hair.

They put some nice (POSITIVE LOL) music on and each one taking turns doing the other's hair and the camera flashes to different scenes....the shock, "oh naw! that's not a good style on me!" or an enthusiastic "hey, I like it this way!" and laughter laughter laughter.

Then by the end of it all they stare in the mirror looking gorgeous all dressed up (well, they HAD to to match their well done hair) make up and all and then the mother comes in after some forwarning knocks.

"the room is a mess!" She hollers as she looks at all the magazines, bottles, clothing strung about. Then she looks at the girls, "But I see you girls did a great job on yourselves!"

story for sale!!!!!


Ehav Ever said...

Good luck with that. One of the problems with You Tube is there are some really raunchy and potty mouthed people who leave comments on it. I have seen people curse at each other over things in the comments section for no reason.

Also, all you really need is a camera with video capability and people to star in it. I once did a video of me driving home from work on highway 1, talking about something that happened on the news. I noticed that I got around 700 views and the video is really about nothing. I just kind of did it while driving and I can't believe that 700 people found it and looked at it.

Miriam said...

oh I don't mind the comment section. The kids can't read yet.

But that is a good idea to make my own.