Sunday, November 25, 2007

HTML Stuff: Part 1

Hopefully nobody was misled in thinking I would be "teaching" HTML. The truth is I only wanted to put up a sort of cheat sheet for everyone. I hope y'all are not disappointed with that.

Here is a wonderful site that actually does teach about HTML. If my memory serves correctly, I think this is where I learned most of what I know. Its Dave's Site.

Okay. Anyway, some beginners stuff: Whenever we want to give a command to the computer to do something using HTML we use a TAG. Tags are enclosed by these: < > and there is always a closing tag like this < / >.

For example.

b = for bolding.
To bold a letter, word, etc: here is how the tags would look:
< b> the word is between the beginning tag and the closing tag. < / b>

the beginning tag: < b> tells the computer that whatever comes after this tag must be in bold. the end tag < /b > tells the computer to stop the command.

Same goes for italicizing:
< i> word. < /i>

adding a link:
< a href="the address here" > link < /a >

caution: I added all the spacing in the tags so that it will come out that way, but when writing a tag you don't put all those spaces.

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