Monday, November 19, 2007

Dunbar has gone CRAZY!

Something has got to be done ---quickly! Either because Dunbar Village is in the spotlight or this is just how things are -too many crimes are just going on at such a rate, I am left bereft of words.

It starts with the horrific rape of a Haitian woman and terrible sexual assault on her son -IN THEIR OWN HOME. This heinous crime brought Dunbar Village to light to the general public. Who know what else had been going on.

Then came the boyfriend who went after his "girlfriend" with a crowbar. The same crowbar he used to break into her house!

Then I hear about a young 15 year old Haitian girl raped at knife point on her way to the grocery store.

My heart screams. I moan from the depths of my soul. Please God, see our suffering and bring salvation!

If you can't think of what to do to help, then just moan. Moan from the depths of your soul and God will hear and WILL respond. There comes a time when words are just not enough to express what needs expressing.


Tania said...

I know I know, so evil. All we can do is pray that the victims find some peace in their lives after those horrific events. There really are no words to describe what I feel about it all, you know as a haitian woman it really hits home even more.

Ehav Ever said...

It is truly horrific for people to not be able to walk the streets safely or to live without the threat of such things. This is one of those situations where when that kind of evil is around you almost have to get the good and honest people out of there. Either that or go in and completely exterminate the negative elements.