Sunday, November 4, 2007

Activists, Bloggings, my part

Some of my favorite blogs are:

What is it that I like about these blogs? Is it the fact that seem to be making a difference in the lives of BW in America? Are they making a difference? Are they just documenting what is transpiring?

I'm not entirely sure. I do feel that these blogs wake up something inside of me. The part that believes that one person -if backed by the Almighty- CAN make a difference in the world for the good. The part that feels maybe I, too, can make a difference.

Then of course, I have to deal with all the negative thoughts that gets attached to it. "Aw, you just want the honor!" negative voice #1 says. And then, to prove that I don't want the honor, I don't do anything. But that's just what the neg. thinking wants to happen. So, I am entertaining, giving attention to, and feeding that little part of me that hopes to make a difference.

"Look at the loooong road in front! Do you really think you can do a THING?" So, negative voice #2 comes in. It was waiting to see if i'd get pass voice #1.

Sure enough it does look daunting. Especially as I am all the way in Israel. I feel I don't have the backing of all my Sistahs (I sure hope one day that BW will truly look out for other BWs) backing.

sigh. What can I do. I don't seek out things to be an activist about, but if it falls on my lap, I will try to be strong and not remain silent.


Tania said...

You can only do what you can do! and it only takes one person, just one to change a life or lives. Keep it up!

Symphony said...

Sometimes documenting the tragedies are what make the differences possible Miriam.

Anytime you make more people aware of atrocities its a good thing.

Keep going strong!