Thursday, November 1, 2007

Quotable Quotes

From Sangraneth:

"it seems quite obvious to me the one thing that black men and black women have most in common. Black men and black women both love black men."


Anxious Black Woman said...

That's so true! I wonder if that was taken from Toni Morrison's Sula? I remember that character saying the same thing, about how "everybody loves a black man."

LaDonna said...

very very true, you always here black women making songs about how much they love black men but the men never reciprocate

Miriam said...

You know I never thought about that in music. I should listen out to the lyrics. It will tell.

re: Toni Morrison's Sula. I don't know. But Sangraneth does seem like someone who would've read many such novels. He seems well read. An intellectual.