Sunday, October 21, 2007

New Blog

Hi all,

This blog is for discussing non-Jewish topics of interest to me. In light of this awakening that I am seeing that is going on in America in regards to black women, just for documentation's sake, I thought i'd blog about them. Info will also be report, linked, etc.

I may get carried away and put a Jewish spin on things, but mostly not.


Amazing said...
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Amazing said...

Hey Miriam! I'm glad I could be an inspiration of sorts. I have been getting some great feedback on that particular blog. Thank you for adding my link to your site as well. As we speak, I am trying to link everyone and work out all the mechanics of my blog. Once again, thanks for reading and good luck with the new blog!

Sorry about the deleted comment!


Miriam said...

I am totally NOT an expert, but if there's anyway I can help blogwise, i'd be glad to.

I still re-read your post. It was so well written and funny!

Ruth LaMorena said...

Hi Miriam! I read the story of how you met your husband. It is such a sweet story and I love the part at the end where your husband had asked the matchmaker "what about me?". He was interested in you before he even met you. Such a great story.
And congratulations on your new blog! We really do sound a lot alike from reading your posts...I'm not a two though. I hope to read more later :)

Miriam said...

Hey Ruth! Thanks so much for stopping by!

I have to go and see that post over at Evia's.

I remember you once said you may be a three, five or nine. my husband is a five, maybe some of his five rubbed off on me LOL