Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mirror Magazine

Not sure if this story is going around in the Christian world, but there is an old Jewish story /saying that says that when the women were working hard in the field -way back when when the Hebrews were slaves in Egypt - they would try to keep up the morale of their men. Sadly, though, many of the men were in despair, and wouldn't even come home to be with their wives, they would just fall asleep in the fields.

The women, wanting to rouse up the men, would go out to their husbands and look at themselves in the mirror. With the husband standing behind them and also looking in the mirror, the women would say, "i'm prettier than you.."

This jest would put a smile on the guy's face and give him strength to go home with his wife!


This gave me an idea. So many women pay good money to buy BW magazines all in the hopes of seeing their beauty put forth. But at times, BW get majorly disappoint when what's NATURAL to us is viewed as "unprofessional" by the very same magazine they paid for, or get stressed out at what the magazines subtly imply that we needs to do with our hair. Or worse, when they blatantly put a WW right on the front cover!

I say, don't bother with the disappointments. Get your GLAMOURous, ESSENCial, Mirror Magazine today! Get it for yourself, for your daughters, for everyone. Every morning you can look into that "magazine" just before you walk out the door and see the beautiful, go -getter you hoped would be advertised in there! (if not, you can fix it up before you head out). With this magazine, young girls will see themselves daily and learn to love themselves -not to mention, realize what is their 'great smile' or how to make that 'perfect coy' look. It would be the best friend ever.

I say buy several of these MIRROR magazines and leave in various parts of the house. Especially on the walls. That will make every chance to read it, a beautiful thing!


Attorneymom said...

Wow, this is beautiful. I need to link this post for Monday.

Miriam said...

Hey AttorneyMom! take care! Thanks.

ANA said...


In spite of recent lapses in judgment, Glamour is still a good magazine. It's one of the few that I can read without feeling ugly, poor, stupid, etc. I don't read it and think that I need to go cook a 5 course meal to a man I just met while giving him a perfect BJ and doing his laundry. I read it and figure out ways that I can get a raise, dress my body better, save money, volunteer, etc. without it being boring or preachy.

diva said...

This is great. You should just call your site MIRROR MAGAZINE.

Miriam said...

Diva, it does have a nicer ring to it. I changed it.

Miriam said...

Ana, when I wrotw this I realized that some of the magazines were not so SO bad that they warrant complete rejection -some maybe. So, I tried not to name names.

DineBoo said...

It's a great idea! Kind of like Time magazine doing that for their "Person of the Year" last year (I think).

Tania said...

I am so thankful that I never looked to magazines to confirm my beauty or what I should look like, my mommy did a good job on that front. I will try to do the same for my daughter. Nice post!

Ruth LaMorena said...

Great post, Miriam!