Monday, October 22, 2007

Love and Hate on the Rise

What powerful love does it take to defy stereotypes, social pressures, and all other man made constructs to be in an interracial marriage? An Intense one! One in which both parties know and feel that this is what they need, this is what they want and they have one life to live and grab at it! An intense love for self and for the other and for good for goodness sake.

At the same time that many inter-racial couples and their blogs are popping up left and right, so are news about intense hate -bigotry, racism- crimes popping up in the news.

I mean stories about nooses being hung on a tree to frighten people into remembering the gory days of American history. (see here for that story), Jena 6 incidents, Megan Williams.

What's happening? Is one bringing on the other? Is the world turning....intense?! And more importantly, what can be done to tip the scale? I don't think its enough for the lovers to love harder while the haters hate harder.

Intense times call for intense measures. The most intense biblical persona that I know was King David. He loved hard, was hated hard, fought hard. Lived life with such intensity. He was like a person who wasn't afraid to feel and explore all his feelings and emotions and didn't hesitate to act when he needed.

Many of the Psalms were said to have been written by him and there is one that sticks out of mind right now...

"Behold those who hate You (The Holy One), I hate. With those who rise up against you, I contend. With the utmost hatred, I hate them; they have come to be my enemies."

Psalm 139:21-22

So what does it mean to contend, to declare this group of haters our enemy? I think it means not to be passive when seeing a hate crime but to decry it, to fight against it, to not let it overwhelm our society to the point of numbness and acceptance.

I really commend Gina from What About Our Daughters for her tenacity and drive in this matter (even though she chewed me out when I expressed discouragement LOL). It begs the question, what am I doing about it? What are you?


Tania said...

Hey chica! found your new blog! very thought provoking question. I have noticed the same thing too, one step forward, one step back thing going on. I too wonder about the times in which we live.

Miriam said...

may it bring only good!